Spider Mite Treatment

Spider Mite Treatment options for Denver and foothillsSpider Mites are not insects but rather members of the arachnid class which also contains spiders and ticks. They are included in this section as they also feed on the leaves and needles of landscape plants. Similar to sucking insects, mites will pierce the plant tissue and remove the chlorophyll. Damage will first appear as white or yellowish speckling on leaves and may cause cupping or distortion of the leaves; a web silk like substance may be present on the underside of leaves or needles. The Two-Spotted Spider Mite can be found on many deciduous plants and is a summer pest thriving in hot, dry conditions. The Spruce Spider Mite also likes a very dry environment however; it is a cool season pest with the largest populations occurring during the winter. Broad spectrum insecticides are not recommended for the treatment of mites as it will kill predatory insects and allow future mite population to flourish. Miticides applied during heavy infestations will aid in spider mite control though most times in a normal year the mites natural enemies will control populations.

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