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Lawn Weed Control

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Do you know what that weed is? Which herbicide to apply or the timing of the treatment? Will the product harm your lawn or leech into plant root zones? If you don’t have the answers, Elk Creek Lawn and Tree Care does. Whether you desire a weed free lawn and landscape beds or need control of invasive weeds in native turf areas, we will customize a program best suited for your property.

Pre-emergent weed control  is applied to the lawn in spring to prevent the germination of summer annual grasses(grassy weeds) and to suppress the growth of broadleaf weeds. Applied uniformly, this will create a chemical barrier in the soil that will not allow for germination. This herbicide is also used to treat rock and mulch beds, pathways, stone driveways, any non turf landscaped area where weed control is needed.

golden-lawn-weed-controlBroadleaf weed control is used by treating actively growing weeds in the lawn and landscape. By mid spring it will become necessary to target broadleaf weeds with a post emergent herbicide. This is a selective herbicide and when properly applied, it will not harm your lawn. Native turf areas will also need treatment to control the growth and spread of noxious weeds.

A non selective herbicide is needed for vegetation control as it targets both grasses and broadleaf weeds. It is a post emergent treatment applied to actively growing unwanted grasses and weeds in non turf areas. This product cannot be used on a lawn or turf area as it will harm or kill desirable grasses.

Find the right times of the year for maintenance with our Colorado Lawn Health Care Calendar 

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