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Lawn Fertilization

Close up of a seed spreaderLawn fertilizer is essential to having a green, uniform and healthy lawn. Keeping a well manicured, beautiful lawn can at times be a difficult and daunting task. Take the stress out of maintaining your lawn. We can provide you with an individual program tailored to meet your needs and you will not be disappointed. Please take the time to walk your property with an Elk Creek representative to find out the quality of service that we give to every customer.

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Nitrogen is the main nutrient needed for lawns to achieve their optimal appearance and may be supplemented with phosphorous, iron or sulfur in our region. The best way to feed the lawn is with a slow release fertilizer, applied at regularly timed intervals to provide a constant source of food throughout the growing season. While proper fertilization is key, an improperly fertilized lawn will likely become stressed and discolored with an increase in the thatch layer and uneven top growth. Elk Creek always uses a slow release formulation to provide a fixed nitrogen source, whether it is applied as a liquid or granular.

Find the proper maintenance schedule on our Colorado Lawn Health Care Calendar

Seasonal Fertilization is Important

Our spring pre emergent lawn application is a combination of a slow release fertilizer and pre emergent herbicide. This will help to liven up the lawn as it comes out of dormancy while laying down a barrier to prevent crabgrass and other invasive grasses from germinating later in the season.  It was a long winter and your yard is hungry, spring is the time to feed it.

The late spring fertilizer is an important time to control broadleaf weeds and for the lawn to continue its repair of thin areas. As the grass pulls from its’ constant source of food, it continues to grow and thicken before the stresses of summer return. While there will be some weeds returning throughout the season, it is best to control the initial wave of weeds at this time of year to decrease the amount of weeds seen later in the season.

Summer is here as well as the heat and high sun and we need you to continue watering your lawn at regular intervals. Improperly applied fertilizer or a fast release fertilizer applied in heat of summer will tip burn your grass creating a brown tip with a candlewick like appearance and in the worst of instances can kill your lawn. Elk Creeks’ slow release summer lawn fertilizer will NEVER harm your lawn and will help to maintain a green lawn throughout the hottest times of the year.

Late summer is rolling around and the kids may be getting ready for school or maybe you’re looking forward to football season. As the temperatures begin to cool at night this is once again the time for lawn to begin growing and repairing some of the summer damage. Hopefully you’re not seeing many weeds in your lawn by now but we will continue treating them at each and every service application.

The leaves are turning color and the winds are blowing colder this signals it is time for a fall fertilizer. Your grass may soon be going dormant but its’ roots are not. This application will build a deep and vigorous root system needed to sustain a great looking lawn.

Elk Creek Lawn & Tree care also offers a 100% organic granular fertilizer to promote a non-pesticide fertilization program as well as an organic summer Revive application to help alleviate summer stresses and to maximize your lawn watering.

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