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Grass Snow Mold

Snowmold lawn disease control by Elk Creek Lawn and Tree Care

Snow Mold can be a problem for many lawns

Snow Mold can be a problem for many lawns in Colorado especially during winters with a prolonged snow cover. Generally found on northern or eastern exposures of the lawn once the snowpack has melted, it can also be found under areas of leaves which have been left on the lawn throughout the winter. This fungus is most active in temperatures just above freezing and will leave matted straw colored areas with a thin fibrous mold on top. While some area companies promote a preventative fungicide application in the fall, this rarely suppresses snow mold and in most instances snow mold should not be treated with fungicide as it generally does not kill Kentucky bluegrass. The best treatments for Snow Mold are to apply a fall fertilizer before the snow falls and to lightly rake areas of affected turf once the snow has melted. This will allow air to circulate and the mold will go away once the lawn has dried out.

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