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Lawn Aeration

manual plug puller for lawn

Really, almost anyone can aerate a lawn. But for the homeowner, it is probably not worth the machine rental or hard labor involved to do it themselves. During the spring or fall you may see people canvassing the neighborhood offering the cheapest aerations in town. But is the cheapest service available also the best service for your landscape? Probably not.  Are they insured? Probably not. We have most likely been providing your lawn care and are familiar with your lawns individual needs so allow Elk Creek to perform your core aerations as well.

plug pulling machine in useAerations are performed to reduce soil compaction, improve drainage, move water and nutrients to the roots and help to reduce the thatch layer. It is done by perforating the lawn and removing soil cores 2-3” in length. Aeration helps the roots grow deeply and to maintain a healthy, vigorous lawn. It can also help to break up the mycelium layer associated with some fungal diseases.

Aerations may be done in the spring or fall and are not recommended during the heat of summer as excessive evaporation will occur. Your lawn should be aerated at least once per season and should be done twice for lawns with high usage, compacted areas or thick thatch layers.

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