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2/19/2016 Clover Mites are active! – Our recent warm and windy weather pattern has been rapidly melting the snow and drying out the lawn. While there could be some areas of snow mold on shady areas of the lawn, the number one pest to affect the turf at this time is clover mites. Mites are not very tolerant of moisture and will be localized to the driest areas of the lawn such as southern and western exposures, slopes/hills, around evergreens and by rock borders. Normal watering of the lawn during the growing season keeps these insects off the lawn however, when we have dry winter conditions, an insecticide treatment may be necessary. Be on the lookout for straw colored patches of the lawn in dry/sunny areas as this may be an indicator that mites are actively feeding. Please call us if you have any questions or suspect that you have a clover mite problem. Also please remember to water your trees and shrubs throughout dormancy.

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